Welcome to Cumbrian Country Crafts

We hand make crochet blankets, corn dollies and other handcrafted bits and pieces.

We are a family business based in Cumbria, with over 50 years experience in crochet blankets and the art of corn dollies. We hand make each and every crochet blanket and corn dolly so every item is personalised. As well as selling the regular crochet blankets seen here, we do take commissions, so feel free to email with enquiries.

We only use the finest materials available in your crochet blankets so you can be sure that every item is superb in quality.

P&P Information: Postage for items sent within the UK will be £4.50 per crochet blanket, +£2.00 for each additional crochet blanket. If you plan to order more than 3 crochet blankets at one time, please contact us and we will determine the correct p&p for your order. International postage costs would be an additional fee, as this would be quite costly due to weight.

About Us

Cumbrian country crafts is made up of 2 members of staff, which is myself, Megan, and my mother Jenny.

Crocheting began as a hobby, and quickly turned into more of a business. Lots of people wanted specific crochet blankets, and the business built from there.

Corn dollies were started at craft fairs and Jenny found she was rather good at them. She has been making these and adding home grown dried flowers, which we grow in our country garden.

If we don't make a crochet blanket or other item, we usually know someone who does so please feel free to ask!